Car as a deposit: secure your instant credit with us now

For many consumers, using the car as a deposit is the last chance for a loan. This is not only due to the rising cost of living with wages that do not increase to the same extent. The insensitivity of numerous banks also contributes to the fact that many citizens face financial difficulties and are looking for short-term liquidity.

When credit institutions show their icy side and refuse even small credit inquiries, the course usually only leads to a car pawn shop. At Good Finance – your reputable and reliable contact person – you can lend your vehicle on fair and transparent terms for three months.

Can I only use my car as a deposit?

Can I only use my car as a deposit?

At Good Finance you can easily use your car as a deposit and quickly convert it into cash. The car brand doesn’t matter. Basically, cars are among the vehicles that our customers bring to us most often. In addition to cars, we, of course, accept additional vehicles as a deposit and keep them in an insured building :

  • motorcycles
  • truck
  • campers
  • Antique car
  • boats

Don’t be afraid to ask us about other vehicles. We will surely find a solution together if you want to mortgage mopeds, small airplanes, and other vehicles.

How long can I use my car as a deposit?

How long can I use my car as a deposit?

Do you need short-term liquidity and would like to use your car as a deposit, but not without it for too long? Then our regular term of three months is certainly made for you. Of course, you can also make the term flexible, for example by extending it. Up to three additional months are possible if you pay all costs after the first three months.

Are you getting money unexpectedly? Then you can, of course, trigger your car early. Just give us a call and your car deposit will be ready for collection the next working day. The complete sale of your car is also possible.

How can I use my car as a deposit?


An unbureaucratic process is very important to us if you want to use your car as a deposit. In the beginning, contact us and provide us with all the important data about your car :

  • mileage
  • Status
  • Car Registration
  • Installed extras

You decide whether you want to use your car as a pledge after we have calculated the car pledge value from the information you communicated and have derived the pledge loan amount on this basis. The next step is the handover date, where you bring all the necessary documents with you:

  • vehicle registration
  • registration document
  • deregistration certificates
  • Documents that prove subsequent installations
  • key

We and you sign the mortgage loan agreement, whereupon you receive your instant loan – cash on hand.

Where can I use my car as a deposit?

Good Finance is there for you at various locations. Both in Bavaria and in the Rhine-Main area, you can use your car as a deposit and secure short-term liquidity. This is possible in

  • Rosenheim
  • Munich
  • Mainz
  • Wiesbaden
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Darmstadt

Are you from the outskirts of these cities or from a completely different region in Germany? Please contact us to explore the feasibility of your request.

Will Credit Checker be left out if I use my car as a deposit?


If you use your car as a deposit at Good Finance, this is guaranteed to happen without a Credit Checker. We do not cooperate with any credit agency and are never interested in your income relationships at any time of the car pawnshop.

The amount of your mortgage loan depends solely on the value of your loaned car, which makes the entire process transparent and fair. You can also be sure that our employees will never ask about your motives and act otherwise very discreetly. By using your car as a deposit, you secure an instant loan without a Credit Checker.

How high are the costs?

Good Finance is your reliable car pawnshop, which transparently discloses all costs that come your way. In total, your mortgage loan consists of three items:

  • fees
  • interest
  • demurrage

All pillars move within the legal requirements so that you can use your car as a deposit with a clear conscience. We settle the stand fee daily, while interest and loan fees accrue monthly. Get your cheap instant loan from Good Finance by using your car as a deposit.



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